Get to know the face of Grand Fit Educational Consulting.

Who We Are

Allison Grandits is an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) and owner of Grand Fit Educational Consulting LLC. She began her career as a Professional School Counselor at a large public high school in Metro Atlanta. While her role included personal/social counseling as well as meeting the academic needs of her students, her main interest was always on the college side. Whether it was hosting Apply to College Days, meeting with college admissions representatives, serving as the Dual Enrollment coordinator, or organizing college fairs, Allison was always thrilled to learn more about the search and application processes and to help her 400+ students navigate the waters of college. However, as the demands of the public school continued to grow, taking her away from her true passion for college, Allison decided to make a change and become an IEC.

As an IEC, Allison is able to help students and families on an individual level, meeting more frequently and help with the entire college process. Allison understands how complicated the college search can be, and her goal is to minimize the stress often associated with this time in a student’s life. She encourages students to take ownership of the college process and helps them explore colleges through the GRAND Fit method.

Allison Grandits received her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Georgia, supplementing her coursework with courses in Education, Social Work, and Counseling. She also holds an M.Ed. in Professional School Counseling from the University of Georgia and a Post-Graduate Certificate in College Consulting from University of California- Irvine. Allison is a member of HECA (Higher Educational Consulting Association) and SACAC (Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors). 

Independent Educational Consultant